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Simple Work Life Balance

Remember work life balance? Well, according to Ron Friedman, a social psychologist and authority on the subject, it’s a thing of the past. Not a major news flash to us, right? Work teams scattered around the world, email and text messaging. Yes, maybe even on Christmas Day for some. The question is, what […]

Container Homes Might Be In Your Future

 A while back, I wrote about container homes and I bet you thought it a strange idea but . . . It’s all in the execution. As this story in CNN Money shows. It showcases 6 great designs. Be sure to click on the thumbnails beneath the pictures as there […]

The Biggest Lie

This author has an interesting take on turning around our typical view of what it takes to be happy.  He starts out with what is, in his view, the biggest lie. He suggests . . . To be happy, I need more. To get more, I need to get rich. […]

NJ Voting on Tiny Housing Solutions

TRENTON — A bill under consideration by the state Senate aims to put poor and homeless people in new homes. Tiny new homes. Not sure where I stand on this one. I think tiny housing is super but would prefer this particular solution for, say the elderly. A comment below the […]

Real Estate Values and Home Ownership

 We all want to feel warm and fuzzy about home sales and real estate values, which are a large driver of consumer spending. Real Estate Values But the jury is still out on how consumers are going to value home ownership after the great housing crash. Will it continue to have it’s […]

Living the RV Lifestyle

As you may have gleaned from past blogs, I have a personal take on the minimalism movement and down what road we are traveling. For us, living the RV Lifestyle seemed a natural way to transition from where we are now, to where we ultimately plan to go. Even though we […]

About Your Vacation

Dont You just love vacation? Most people do. Unfortunately, according to a story from CNN, not everyone is taking their fair share of them. Collectively, American workers are leaving 169 million days of paid time off on the table each and every year. Yup, that is $52.4 billion. I knew you […]

9 Years of Your LIfe!

That, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., is the amount of your life, you will have spent watching TV by the time you are 65 years old. This assumes you watch the American average of 4 hours per day. While you may watch a bit more or a bit less, you undoubtedly […]

The Little Person Inside

  The truly amazing story of Talan Skeels Piggins who is paralyzed from the chest down yet he both skis and races motorcycles. In this video he tells us his story he shares with us what he learned about the strength within us. Den  

Ideas To Help You Get Things Done

Everybody wants to get things done. We all have too many things, in actuality. And most everybody has what can loosely be called a “pile” of all their to do’s. Whether it is a literal pile or, a distributed pile with things stuffed in drawers. Some even keep the pile […]