Monthly Archives: December 2013

Resolutions That Work

Resolutions are something many of us make for the New Year, only to have them quickly fall by the wayside. The standard advice for writing resolutions is based on tips for creating goals and that is they should utilize a framework, like S.M.A.R.T., which stands for things you should be […]

Insurance Planning

Insurance seems to be a bit like betting that the worst is going to happen but its intelligent use can go a long way towards protecting against risk, unexpected costs, and a good deal of heartbreak. The key to getting the most out of insurance is to assess what to […]

Change And Progress

Thoughts AboutĀ ChangeĀ And Progress Two simple words, often used somewhat interchangeably without much thought, but they can have profoundly different impacts. While change has neither positive nor negative connotation, progress on the other hand, assumes improvement. Sometimes, change is great! It might help get us out of a rut or improve […]

Plastic Water Bottles Are Not Simple

Like life, plastic water bottles are not simple. I will be the first to admit there are times and a places where plastic bottles should be used. And each one of us needs to make a decision each time we are presented with the choice. But, as you make that […]