Monthly Archives: November 2013

Simple Holidays

Now let’s get down to SIMPLE basics…  Last week I wrote to you about simplifying your electronic life (with wires, hair-pulling IT problems, inconsistency, etc.) with the wholly integrated system offered by Apple.  Essentially, yes.  It does simplify the life you are living now in order to maintain that life; […]

Simplifying Computers In Your Life

  Computers will make your life simple. Hmmm. That was how it was supposed to be. Is your computer environment simple now? Chances are, it is not. Do you have the typical tangle of wires, devices, gadgets and other “stuff” all over (and under) your desk? Well, having spent a bit […]

Less Is More 1

The math half of my brain came up with an interesting doodle when I first considered writing this blog.  Personally, I like symmetry so that appealed to me. But what does it mean?  Less equals more, of course.  But how was I going to use that as a blog subject? The […]

Effective Telephone Strategy

Having a strategy for communicating by telephone is really important to keeping things simple. Review Your Telephone Assets Nowadays, everyone has, or has access to, multiple phone numbers, and in spite of the growth of other technologies, the telephone is still one of the primary ways we send and receive […]