Monthly Archives: October 2013

To Do Lists Everywhere?

  Lists are interesting things. Most of us realize that they are nifty tools and most of us somehow seem to screw them up. If your like me, the natural tendency is make a list of things as you think of them, on a piece of paper. That part works […]

Walking Your Way To Clarity

Being simple and happy has many components. Achieving some clarity in your thinking is certainly one of them. Walking can help! I have been a runner for a long time but, lately some injuries have put a crimp on the mileage I am able to run. That has caused me to forgo […]

10 Great Reasons To Declutter Your LIfe

If you are like me, you have something driving you, telling you that you should really declutter your life. We are a nation of pack rats. Look at all the storage businesses that exist. When we fill our homes so full we can’t stand it any more, rather than getting […]

Inertia and Couch Potato Syndrome

Ever hear of couch potato syndrome? It is a product of inertia. Newton, in talking of the laws of physics, spoke of inertia as the fact that an object at rest, absent any outside forces tends to stay at rest. People do too! Trust me, I struggle with keeping the […]