Monthly Archives: September 2013

Great Post About How To Succeed

I read a post on a Quora, a newsletter I follow,┬áthe other day and thought I should share it with you. It was by Oliver Emberton and it explains how you can be more effective by focusing on what really matters to you! You can do anything if you stop […]

Consumerism and Limits To Growth

In addition to many other reasons why we should try to be reasonable in our exercise of consumerism, is the fact that there really are limits to growth we, as a planet, can sustain. I have been reading a book entitled Limits to Growth, The 30 Year Update. This is […]

Fitness for the Minimalist

When I was young, I used to work out a lot. I never did get to look like “The Terminator”. But, I figured if spent the equivalent of 5 years to add 20 years to my life, that was a good deal. As I “matured” (to keep things ageless), my […]