Message In a Bottle – Simple Pleasures of Youth

50 Year Old Message

Actual Message in the Bottle That Kept It Safe

50 years ago, I threw a bottle into the ocean with a note in it.  A simple action, that was lots of fun to do  and would up generating a great outcome.

While it was a simple act, it really had a lot of impact, based on the response it generated. Wow! But as I began to think about it, and as the media’s questions prodded me, I realized there were a lot of messages here:

  • Anything is possible, even the highly unlikely
  • Don’t be afraid to try, you have nothing to lose
  • The shore community in and around Seaside Heights could come back too
  • If you retain that sense of wonder and adventure, you will be rewarded
  • Things probably do happen for a reason, even if the reason is only to remind us of something else
  • Kids today should be encouraged to do these sorts of things too, to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiousity
  • Patience yields results. Sometimes, it is just a matter of “how” patient we are willing to be
  • For me personally, it brought back all sorts of memories I had forgotten about

The genuinely most interesting thing was how widely it was picked up by the media and people I know and don’t know. It is a genuine feel good story that apparently resonated strongly.

I hope you will take two minutes and watch the video clip which was don by NBC Nightly News. They did a great job telling the story!



Video clip courtesy of NBC Nightly News NY

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