The Key to Simplifying – Less Is More

In my quest towards simplifying my life a bit, I needed a guide.

With a little thought, it became obvious that there are downsides to having a lot of possessions. Things like:

Less Is More

Mathematical depiction of Less Is More. A tool for Simplifying

  • It is harder to find things as there are so many things around
  • Decisions are more difficult (like which shirt should I wear?)
  • The more things you have, the more time it takes to clean and straighten up and to find something when it goes missing.
  • You have to earn more to buy more
  • You can never be done as new things always enter the marketplace

Now, I am no different from anyone else and I like stuff too. But I am always amazed at how, after acquiring it all, it becomes a burden.

Simplifying could address all the points above, and free up some time and resources to spend on things that are really important to me.

Even more important, it could provide some inner calm.

My realization, derived totally on my own, seemed reinforced by the TED talk in an earlier post about the paradox of choice.

But, as we are all creatures of habit, we do these things without even realizing it.

So, while my T-Shirt experiment was a test, there are so many other places I can see where I can improve. For example, the magazines I subscribe to, could easily be accessed at the local library. I save subscription money, the world saves a tree, and I don’t feel obligated to read everything that crosses my path (more free time!).

The graphic in this post relates to the fact that it is possible to have “less” but it “equals” “more”, and I think it conveys a mantra that can help anyone get to the point where they have what they want to have, not what they are told they want to have.


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