Monthly Archives: July 2013

Credit Cards And Consumerism

According to the Federal Reserve Board, total credit card debt in the U.S. is 793.1 Billion Dollars. This is $15,799 per household*. Wow! This might evoke one of two responses: Boy, that’s a lot more than my balance or Gee, that’s all?  I wish my balance was that small. Either […]

The Key to Simplifying – Less Is More

In my quest towards simplifying my life a bit, I needed a guide. With a little thought, it became obvious that there are downsides to having a lot of possessions. Things like: It is harder to find things as there are so many things around Decisions are more difficult (like […]

Einstein On Simplicity

I am a big fan of quotes. They are sort of like Haiku. Concise yet profound. I did some research and came across many quotes addressing the subject of simplicity by many famous people. One of my favorite, Albert Einstein, came up very well represented, accompanied by his own brand […]

TV Zombies?

Did you know that the average American over the age of 2 spends more than 34 hours a week watching live television? So says a new Nielsen report. In addition, they watch another three to six hours of taped programs. This according to a post from the NY Daily News, […]

Whatever Happened To The Four Day Workweek?

Four day work week? Oh Boy, sign me up! Time with friends and family. Relaxing. Trips to the shore (if you are not from New Jersey, that is what we call the beach). Huh? Wait. What do you mean that deal is off? In the not too distant past, it was […]

Do I Really Need 70 T Shirts?

As I begin my study of happiness and its relation to stuff, I find myself looking around at some of my possessions. I realized that I have more than 70 tee-shirts in my closet. And I don’t wear them in the winter so they only receive about six months of […]

Great Financial Read

I was doing some research at the library and came across the following book and I thought I would share it with you. Your Money and Your Life: A Lifetime Approach to Money Management By Robert Z. Aliber. Mister Aliber is a professor Emeritus of International Economics and Finance at University […]